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Surge collects stakes (escrow) toward the purchase of a deal. Surge is a crypto-native upgrade for SAFEs, SPACs, accelerators, and launchpads.

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1) Launch

Fast. Sponsor can post a deal without knowing the final terms

Cheap. Sponsor does not need an entity or compliance until closing

Easy to unwind. If the deal doesn’t go, everyone just unstakes

2) Stake

Get paid for being early. Early stakers get a place in line that includes bonuses and discounts

Low risk. Stakers can pull out at any time before closing. Investors get time to look at final terms

Low hassle. No taxable or accounting event. Assets stay in your NFT wallet

Cheap. Stake assets that you hold for interests or points

Liquid. Stakes can trade as NFTs

3) Close

Sticky. Bonuses become more valuable as the deal fills up, increasing conversion

Accelerating. Early investors have an incentive to push for closing and collect discounts

Flexible. Deliver tokens or securities

Compliant. Set up legal arrangements and buyer qualifications before closing

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