Economic value

Surge intends to add value to the real economy.

DeFi improves offer cost, access, speed, scale

DeFi “staking” adds wonderful new capabilities to the TradFi concept of “escrow.” It can accept stakes for companies and deals that don’t exist yet. It coordinates stakers in real time. It increases initial deal participation by making it easy to back out. Stakers can “bring their own bank” and eliminate opportunity costs by staking their preferred yield-bearing assets.

Surge has the potential to deliver a 10X improvement over TradFi offer mechanisms on initial cost, access, speed, and scale.

Surge can improve startup returns

Surge finds project-investor fit. It can increase startup returns by reducing the cost of mismatches.

  • Projects that receive funding and do not succeed are false positives. Most startup deals do not pay off. It’s our job to reduce the cost. Surge deals that do not close are very cheap.

  • About 1 in 100 accelerator stage projects achieves unicorn status - $1B in valuation - and delivers huge value to its community. Failure to support a project with a 1% chance of becoming a unicorn is a false negative.

Unborn unicorns are a huge cost to any startup ecosystem that is not named “Silicon Valley”. Support these ecosystems with Surge and global exposure.

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